[Step by Step FIX] Disney+ NOT Working on Roku Error 42

Hey Everyone! We meet again after Roku has hit us with another botched update without our consent. This time, the 10.5 update knocked out Disney+ and Hulu for countless users.

Are you ready to save the day for your kids?!

I’ve got a fix though for both the Roku sticks as well as Roku TVs (exact same method), and hopefully this will work for you as well!

Generally, Disney+ will show an Error 42 on the Roku after an incompatible update. This can be fixed by altering your router’s DNS settings and clearing the cache on your Roku.

Required Tools to Fix Error 42 on Roku with Disney+

  • Roku Remote
  • A computer, Chromebook or phone to access your router through a browser
  • 3 minutes of your time

⬇⬇⬇ Here’s a video I made to guide you through the process as well. Step-by-step guide is below the video in case you can’t play the video at this moment.⬇⬇⬇

How to Resolve Error 42 with Disney+ on a Roku Stick or TV [Step-by-Step]

Step 1: Go to http://whatismyipaddress.com

Step 2: Copy the bottom (shorter one) IP address and paste it into a new browser

Step 3: Log into your router with your username and password

Step 4: Locate your “Static DNS” section and take a picture of the current settings in case something goes wrong

Step 5: Change the first Static DNS to either 1:1:1:1 or 8:8:8:8 — both worked perfect for me

Step 6: Return to your Roku and clear the cache by going to the home screen and pressing the following in order: (home x5, up, rewind x2, fast forward x2)

Step 7: The Roku menu will start scrolling on its own and restart

Step 8: Go to Disney+ (or Hulu) app and ENJOY!!!

Who do the DNS Belong to?

As far as I can tell, 8:8:8:8 belongs to Google and is free for all to use.

The DNS 1:1:1:1 belongs to Cloudflare and is also free for all to use.


I’m not an expert on internet security or internet service connections and don’t pretend to play one on TV. I don’t know if switching your DNS will compromise anything as far as your internet security. Proceed at your own risk, this is just for entertainment purposes — but it does work to get Disney+ and Hulu to work again on a Roku stick or TV.

Robert Van Nuck

Robert lives in central Michigan and enjoys running, woodworking, and fixing up small engines.

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