About Author

Robert Van Nuck is the creator and author of all content on homebatterybank.com, cuddyandcruiserguide.com, and blackpowderguide.com.

Robert has spent the last decade working with his hands in hobbies such as wood working, small engine repair, appliance repair, and has also worked as a maintenance technician at various properties for an international company.

  • 10 Years Experience with Battery Banks and 12-Volt Batteries
  • 8 Years Experience with Generator Repair and Use (and other small engines) 
  • 3 Years Experience with EV’s and Charging Them

Robert Van Nuck’s Story:

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been working with, testing, and maintaining deep-cycle and car batteries for the last 10 years as a hobby in order to see what the capability of battery power is during a power outage.

Eight years ago I started buying generators locally that were considered “lost causes” and were given up on by their owners because they couldn’t get them to start or to stay running. I have repaired and refurbished dozens and dozens of generators for resale (along with lawn-mowers, trimmers, snow throwers, and more) and enjoy sharing what I’ve learned in the content on this site.  There are plenty of people who know how to repair a generator faster and more efficiently than me, but I consider it one of my areas of expertise.

I live with my family in Michigan and enjoy the outdoors and trail running.

Thanks for checking out this site! I hope it has provided some help to whatever situation you’re going through!