Our Mission:

The mission of homebatterybank.com is to provide you with a functional knowledge of how to service a generator and use it safely, as well as how to use 12-volt batteries as an alternative energy source during power outages. 

What We Do:

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Practical, Helpful, and Easy to Understand Articles for the Non-Electrician and Amateur Mechanic

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Click here to learn more about how to troubleshoot, repair, and service your generator. We also discuss topics like "bonding" and "grounding" a generator, and when you need to do one or the other -- or both.

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12-Volt Batteries

Wondering how long a car battery can power a TV during a power outage? Check out these articles to learn how to set up a battery bank, to discover charging times for any size 12-volt battery, or how long any size 12-Volt battery can power your electric devices.

image of preparations for power outages

Power Outage Preps

Getting ready for the next blackout or brownout? Don't get caught unprepared! Click here to see how you can get you and your family ready for surviving a power outage in style!

Tool and Small Engine Repair

Have a tool battery that won't charge? Can't get your riding lawn mower working? Does your water heater sound like a popcorn machine? Check out these articles to see some awesome repairs on tools, appliances, and engines in your garage!

Electric Vehicle Batteries (EV)

Looking to get into the EV market but have questions on battery charge times? These articles are written for non-electricians, so that you can easily figure out what kind of charge times you can expect based on the charger and model of vehicle that you have.

image of outdoor and prepping equipment

Outdoor Gear and General Prepping

Checking out some surplus gear but want to know if it's worth it? Looking for some tricks and tips with EDC's and your BOB? Look no further than these easy to read articles on prepping and outdoor gear.