About Us

What HomeBatteryBank.com is all about:

“Helping people to better understand how to use and maintain generators and 12-volt batteries in order to navigate through power outages or everyday situations.”

Hi!  Welcome to Home Battery Bank!

This blog shares what I’ve learned over the last decade in the realm of prepping my household for power outages and using alternative power when traveling.

The goal of this site is to empower the average person — not an electrician, and not a mechanic — so that they feel comfortable making some basic repairs to their generators, using their generators, or prepping with batteries for power outages.

The gear mentioned in this blog is all gear that I have used or have experience with. Almost all images are original and taken by me, along with nearly all of the visuals.

The language used in the contents of Homebatterybank.com is simple so that an amateur can follow along, but we also strive to teach you the lingo as you progress.

Most of the problems that you encounter with your generator or during a power outage are not too terribly hard to tackle, it’s just that no one ever took the time to speak to you at a beginner’s level so that you could feel empowered to do what needs to be done to keep you and your family safe and happy during a power outage.

I encourage you to stick around and browse the collection on this site to see if you can become better prepared to face the challenges of inevitable power outages in the future!

Thanks for visiting!